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6 Tips to Get Perfect Barbecue Taste!

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6 Tips to Get Perfect Barbecue Taste!
Grilled chicken skewers

Things to do and don’t for the success of an impeccable barbecue in outings with friends.

For many of us, food lovers and the company, the summer begins when we go down in the basement or in the garage to recover the legendary grill, left there to winter well protected and clean. Or, it starts when we decide to go buy a new grill with the intention to organize picnics and barbecues in the garden throughout the warm season.

In short, we have the grill is important and is not just a nice way to enjoy meat, fish or vegetables, but it is also synonymous with conviviality and relaxation. For this and not spoil a very good time and quality products, here are six key moments of the grill or barbecue. If you’re in theĀ market looking for best gas grill review then make sure you look onĀ reviewsbyexpert.com. Be careful and follow the three do’s and three don’t for a perfect barbecue.


Three Things to Do

1. The brace: how and how much?

The preparation of the coals is, of course, of paramount importance. No matter if you use the most practical Charcoal or more natural dry branches to light the fire, it is important to spread the coals evenly over the surface of the grid and make sure that is high enough (at least 5 cm) to guarantee the right power and duration of heat transmitted.

2. The tool & magic of the grill

The guy at the grill must have on hand the four basic accessories juggle security between embers and chops: first of all the flame-resistant gloves, then the fork, preferably with a handle provided with a sufficient length to not get too close to the fire. The grippers, to shoot the food side of cooking and the ever useful brush BBQ, to be used for cooking the meat to brush a mixture of oil, garlic, rosemary and other spices.

3. The meat, preferably marinated

Here’s an easy way for the meat to be released from the remains tasty grill: let it marinate at least half an hour, before putting it on the grill, prepared on oil, garlic, rosemary, salt, lemon and spices you prefer. Oh, and do not forget to use oil to grease the grid, so that the food will not stick.


And three things not to do

4. Alcohol? No thanks!

To light the fire using a lighter for charcoal or paper, but never use alcohol to power, which could ignite and burn. The advice seems obvious, but every summer, and every year there is always someone who misses out part of their skin.

5. Never with fire

Some people think that we can clean the grill, before using it, with fire. Well, you’re wrong! The only way, and also the most practical, is to remove the adhesions as soon as the grill used with special brushes and then rinse generously with water.

6. Eye to the cooking times

The food must be further monitored during its cooking process. The meat, for example, does not go toasted, the burnt part may be hazardous to your health. The fish, however, should be cooked to perfection, so that compact remains: if you overcook flakes and is hard to collect from the grill.

And you, what kind of food you prefer to grill? White meat, red, fish or vegetables?